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“The gorgeous variety of perspectives turns the pages into works of art.”

School Library Journal


Kirkus Reviews

“Géser has built her
debut with great care and thought.”

Publishers Weekly

One Bright Ring“ inverts the traditional tale of finding treasure into one of returning it.”

The New York Times

C  R  A  F  T  S

Sticker paper is available at stationery stores. Plain paper with a little glue or tape on the back is also nice!

Download my guides inspired by the Common Core:

From the guides:

For kindergarteners

QUESTION: Does it matter where you begin counting the man’s tears on the ten tears page? For example, will you count the same

F o r   T E A C H E R S

For third graders

QUESTION: You know how to count (of course!), but think about whether each new number suggests a new level in the story’s action.